Reaching your audience – and converting those visits into tangible conversions – isn’t as easy as it used to be. With the growth and expansion of the different ways we can access websites, we’re more attuned than ever to the many ways that ads work online.

Since audiences have gotten smarter and better at bypassing ads, it’s harder to make a good first impression. Just because someone finds your business’ landing page or website doesn’t mean that they’re going to convert a lead and follow through. For whatever reason, they may decide to click out and move on. With remarketing, though, you don’t lose them. Here are a few multi-platform remarketing strategies from the local service marketing experts at VitalStorm!

Learn Your Target Demographics

All businesses, no matter what the service or product they provide, have a demographic that they appeal to more than others. And thanks to the abundance of available traffic data through different platforms, it isn’t too terribly difficult to figure out what that demographic looks like.

When you’ve discovered who tends to frequent your business more than others, you can tailor your remarketing lists to target them. You can even target “similar audiences,” audiences that share common characteristics with the demographic your business most appeals to.

Look through your visitors’ data to see what they have in common with each other. From there, you can begin to build a list of your most frequent demographic and construct an effective remarketing template.

Use Time to Your Advantage

In the same way that a specific type of person will tend to find your ads more than others, you’ll also find that your ads will probably do better during a certain time of day. When the temperature drops at night, for example, a heating company might notice that they get more hits on their furnace ads because people get colder at night.

But time is also a factor in other ways as well. Depending on the service you provide, your audience may be more inclined to return and convert within a certain window – say, 30 days. You can adjust remarketing strategies to target those visitors who had seen your ads within that timeframe and capitalize on their recent interest.

Sort Remarketing Lists Based on Interests

The people who visit your website or see your ads won’t all be doing so for the same reasons. Some hang around for a while, while others skim quickly and leave. A chunk of your audience will be there to check out all you have to offer, but some are there for one precise service.

Obviously, it wouldn’t make sense to use a single blanket remarketing strategy for all of these various subgroups. And you don’t have to! With segmenting, you can choose to target different audiences based on a variety of characteristics and adjust your bidding strategies accordingly.

All of this is doable inside your Google Analytics account! Just select a custom audience with the parameters you want, and it’ll do the rest.

Remarketing is one of the best things you can do to boost your business’ presence online. It will help your most important ads land in front of more eyes, and it will ensure that you don’t get lost in the one-and-done crowd that just runs ads on a single platform.

However, it takes a finely tuned team of talented strategists to develop the right remarketing strategies to take your business to the next level. With the help of the experts at VitalStorm, you’ll do just that!

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