It is the most wonderful time of the year again! The Christmas season is in full swing here at the VitalStorm headquarters where we are all looking forward to the upcoming festivities. Sit back and grab your cup of hot cocoa as we dive into our 12 ways to generate leads.


  1. Facebook Ads

With Facebook Ads, you can reach potential customers. VitalStorm starts by creating a plan to reach your preferred target audience. With testing and adjusting, we can help you get the best results for your Facebook Ads.  They can also boost engagement and reach, as well as add more followers to your page.


  1. Local Approach 

Go local! Especially in your PPC campaigns.  Our PPC team performs competitor research to make sure our clients offers are competitive in the market space.  We capitalize on serving up the right solution, in the right place, at the right time.


  1. Email Broadcasts 

Email marketing is an effective and personalized way to reach your customers. Options for email blasts would include: newsletters, updates, offers and featured content.


  1. Tracking

VitalStorm recently rolled out a new feature in our own Metrics reporting platform earlier this year. With this, we can help our clients visualize the effectiveness of our campaigns and ads that drive leads. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  So, measure everything!


  1. Lead Qualifying 

Our Lead Qualifiers help to determine which calls are leads for our clients. We analyze and share the full details of the types of calls they are getting each month.


  1. Call Center Trailing

Feedback is an essential product that helps grow our customer’s bottom line by training their front lines on Strategic Call Flow. This team helps our clients better prepare for any call they receive which enables them to book more often.


  1. Call Center

CallPoint is a privilege offered to our SGI members. Our CallPoint Department consists of a team of CSR’s who help our customers grow by following a strategic path to generating more booked calls.


  1. Social Listening 

So many people are active on social media 24/7. Our social media team is here to listen to the needs of your customers to offer an empathetic ear or a possible solution. By staying on top of current trends, getting new leads will become a breeze.


  1. Engagement 

Engagement is one of the important components to effective Social Media Marketing. Encouraging conversation and being responsive are just a few of the best ways to nurture a relationship with people online to help lead towards a potential client. These strategies are very effective in generating leads for a potential client.


  1. Direct Mail 

This may not sound like digital marketing, but our approach to audience targeting and lead reporting certainly is of the digital marketing age.  With direct mail, you have an opportunity to reach your customers with mailers sent to your target market. So get granular!  You can send exclusive offers, holiday deals, and introduce your brand to your perfect customer.


11. Creative Content 

Creating creative and original content is another way to increase your leads and strengthen your brand. Blog posts can help your current and potential customers lean on you as the industry leader in your field.  Be the expert!


   12. Landing Pages 

Your website is the destination for where interested customers come to find more. Having your landing pages optimized to their fullest potential helps with converting more customers.


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