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10 Tips To Get You In The Christmas Spirit With Your Social Media Strategy

‘Tis the season to really spruce up your social media strategy and get you in the Christmas spirit. There are many things you can do with your content to engage with your audience and help spread that holiday cheer! We hope you find these tips helpful and useful. Now, it’s time to sleigh your social media strategy.

  1. Create Holiday-Themed Graphics

Whether it be your cover photo on Facebook, an email template design, or a temporary logo, make your social media profile festive this season! Images are one of the best ways you can really create that holiday feel. Bring out the visuals this holiday season and get creative with different designs and media, social media strategy, digital marketing, marketing, marketing strategy

  1. Share A Heartwarming Story

Do you have an employee that just donated time or money to a charity? Is one of your employees going through something inspiring? Did you recently hear of a customer’s story that touched your heart? Even if you just treated your office to lunch one day to show your appreciation for all their hard work, touching stories always pull at the heart strings! Not to mention, people love reading them. After all, it is the season of joy and thankfulness.

  1. Celebrate the Ho, Ho, Holidays!

National holidays such as Christmas and New Years are a given. But have you thought about using other fun, off-the-cuff holidays to spike up your engagement? Here are some examples of fun, upcoming holidays this December.

  • December 7th: National Letter Writing Day – Ask your customers to have their kids write letters to Santa! You can even have them send the letters to you, and an employee can mail one back.
  • December 9th: Christmas Card Day – Ask for your followers on social media to show their best Christmas card to be entered into a drawing!
  • December 12th: Gingerbread House Day – Have a gingerbread house making contest at work, post photos and have your follower’s vote!
  • December 17th: National Ugly Sweater Day – Ask your entire office to come to work dressed in ugly sweaters, take some photos, and post them on your social media.
  • December 23rd: National Christmas Movie Marathon Day – Do a poll on your social media accounts and ask your followers what their favorite Christmas movie is!
  1. Host a Holiday Contest

social media, social media strategy, digital marketing, marketing, marketing strategyWhether amongst your fellow team members, or on social media with your followers, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to kick off your holiday! Host an ugly sweater contest in your office and have your customers vote. Or, have customers submit their best Christmas card for a chance to win.

  1. Show Your Support For A Cause

People like to support and spend money with businesses that give back to the community – and what better time to do that than during the holidays? You can incorporate your support into your social media strategy by involving your customers. This will make them feel like they, too, are doing a good thing while also increasing your engagement.

If your business chooses to support a local food bank or a toy drive, you could create a special deal for your customers that looks something like this:

“For Every $X You Spend, We’ll Donate One Can Of Soup To [Name of organization]”

“If You Donate 1 Unopened Toy To [Name of organization], You Will Receive $X Off Your Total Purchase.”

  1. Post a Personalized Video

You can post a video on your social media accounts wishing everyone a happy holiday season. This not only will make your follower’s feel good, but it will also show the human side of your brand. The holidays are a good time to build an emotional bond with your audience. For someone to choose to do business with you, they want to first know that they can trust you. Being relatable, while also being encouraging, is one way to do just that.

  1. Share Helpful Holiday Tipssocial media, social media strategy, digital marketing, marketing, marketing strategy

Social media is the perfect place to share helpful holiday tips that are centered around your specific product or service. For example, if you own a restoration company, you may share helpful tips on how to avoid mold on Christmas trees. Or, if you own a roofing company, you may share tips on how to hang holiday lights without damaging the roof.

  1. Give the Gift of a Special Offer

Special offers are always a great way to capture the attention of your audience. Did you know that 68% of consumers strongly believe that coupons and special offers have a strong, positive impact on a retailer’s brand? If you have a product or service you think would make a great Christmas gift, or just something that people may benefit from this season, then consider promoting a special offer on your social media!

  1. Share the Joy – And Involve People!

social media, social media strategy, digital marketing, marketing, marketing strategy

There’s something really special about the holiday cheer, and people love when their favorite brands also get in the holiday spirit. Use your platform to engage and involve those who follow your content. For example, ask them questions that are holiday-themed, such as:

  • What’s On Your Wish List?
  • Do You Remember The Worst Christmas Gift You’ve Ever Received?
  • What’s Your Favorite Holiday Meal?
  • Your Most Memorable Christmas?

It’s fun to see everyone’s different answers, and it gives you a chance to get to know your audience on a more personal level.

  1. Start a Festive Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to promote brand awareness and engage with your audience. Create a festive hashtag for people to use that’ unique to your brand. While many people are trying to find the perfect gift, this can be a great way to spread the word – and the holiday cheer! You can even turn that hashtag into a holiday contest. For example, “Use #VitalStormMarketing for a chance to win!”

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