December 7, 2018

How Great Google Reviews Improve Your Local Service Ads


Every business has the same goal: to attract as many customers as possible and to leave them satisfied so they’ll keep coming back. However, the hard part is figuring out the precise combination of factors that would make your business stand out among the rest. Everyone tells you different things, and it’s difficult to pinpoint […]

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digital marketing tools that generate more leads

July 6, 2018

6 Digital Marketing Tools We Use to Get You More Leads


Generating leads online without digital marketing tools is in the same vein as building a house without a hammer: technically possible, but extremely inefficient. VitalStorm uses several digital marketing tools that get you the upper-hand when generating new leads. With years of digital marketing experience and expertise working with the home service industry, we’ve gathered the information needed to narrow down which ones are the most viable.

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June 29, 2018

What More Can I Do to Generate Online Leads?


In the world of digital marketing, traditional Google Pay Per Click (PPC) ads remain the best way to grow your business by providing motivated and quick-to-book leads from people needing service now. But after years of running traditional PPC, you may start to question: what other kind of online lead sources are out there? What more could I be doing to reach potential clients in the digital market?

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April 13, 2018

In Case You Missed Our SGI Presentation on Google Local Service Ads…


On Thursday, April 12th, our co-owner, Josh Moran, gave a presentation with Google team members, Rabia Khalil Mainwaring and Jim Armstrong, about Google Local Service Ads. This up-and-coming paid search platform meets online consumers where they are, addresses their demands and captures their attention, making your business top-of-mind. We’ve outlined the details of the presentation here.


local service ads

April 5, 2018

Local Service Ads: Future-Proofing Your Business


Online consumers are curious, demanding and, frankly, impatient. Do you have the answers they’re looking for? If not, you’re missing out on business. At our breakout session at this Spring’s SGI Expo next week, you’ll find out how you can use new digital marketing tactics through Google to show up when and where they are searching, and provide them with the information they’re looking for. Don’t miss this breakout because we are going to be highlighting the Google Local Service Ads platform (previously known as Google Home Service Ads).