May 25, 2017

Amanda Cortes & Courtney Egan: A Vital Collaboration


  “Everyone in the company is passionate about their work, which also means they’re passionate about how that translates on screen.” – Amanda Cortes Sometimes the VitalStorm office feels more like a gathering of good friends than a rapidly growing internet marketing company. But it’s the friendly chatter and boisterous laughter emanating from work stations […]




April 28, 2017

Lilly Flores: The Resource for a Vital Company Culture


“My role has evolved into something that I absolutely love.” A vibrant company culture is not easy to foster, especially when the demands of a successful business dictate a busy and focused workforce. But not every company has Lilly Flores as their Human Resources Manager; a steady and supportive personality who ensures that the “human” […]



March 30, 2017

Loretta Smith is “Just One of the Team”


“My attitude is that of an eternal learner. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t learn something new.”  Loretta Smith is a Team Leader at VitalStorm, but you’ll never hear her referring to herself in that capacity. The personable staff member, who oversees the Lead Qualifier (LQ) department, refers to herself […]



March 3, 2017

Sallie McElwain Has the Answer to Success


  “Thank you for calling VitalStorm, this is Sallie. How may I direct your call?” Every day Sallie McElwain, the Opportunities Manager at VitalStorm, is the first voice you hear when you call to speak with an associate. Warm, positive and extremely articulate, she is the ideal “voice” for our fast-paced and rapidly-growing agency. But […]

VS Logo Door

January 27, 2017

Looking Forward to a Year of Progress


2016 proved to be a pivotal year for VitalStorm, both internally and within the digital marketplace. Prompted by exceptional growth, the year began with an ambitious move to a new office where additional space and a lake view offered a renewed vibrancy to the team. It was a year where business goals were exceeded and […]